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“5 Versions 5 simulacres”

Une sérigraphie designée par Ratspecial Fust
8 passages, 42 * 59,4 cm, imprimé sur un papier Fedrigoni Arena Rough Natural 300g/m²

40 exemplaires

Expéditions prévue pour Juin 2024

“5 versions 5 simulacres”

A screenprint designed by Ratspecial Fust
8 Layers, 42*59,4 cm, printed on Fedrigoni paper, Arena natural rough 300g/m²

40 copies

Shipping is plan for June 2024

It never warns.
More crashes than buildings.
Trynna keep safe spaces in sight, to survive some weeks more.
8 legs to grab any life witness piece in a block about to be knock down.
Jaegaebal, losses, redevelopment.
I’ll die hard buried under bricks and smoking concrete, full of great memories, anyways.
1 3ptych showing up 2 pictures. An infinity of readings. 156-070 Heukseok 2024.
5 Versions 5 Simulacres.